Stone Conservation Work

Stone Conservation WorkStone Conservation Work
A team of stone conservators worked on 8 grave slabs during two weeks in August. The slabs were chosen by Nic Boyes, stone conservator, as being the most important, but the Urras is well aware there are others needing similar treatment. The work of conserving the stones starts with lifting them very carefully then continues with cleaning them; this is very painstaking work – using water, a toothbrush and very fine tools.

Grass Cutting
A team of volunteers, ably headed by Norman (Tormod) Macleod, undertook the enormous task of cutting the grass in time for the Open Day. This was particularly difficult because power cutters cannot be used near gravestones due to the risk of damaging them. It was a huge achievement – there were up to 12 volunteers working on it at any one time and they transformed the place. As Tormod said "it was a very good example of the community responding to a real community need". Maybe Tormod was a sergeant major once – he certainly has an outstanding ability to get people doing things!