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New Threat to the Graveyard

The recent continuous heavy rain coupled with northerly/north-easterly winds and high seas is once again threatening this ancient and beautiful place. Fortunately in 2015 sheet piling was installed to protect the church from the sea. This has held firm and protected the church. Now there is a serious threat to the graveyard to the west of the church.

On the 20th January this year it was observed that two areas on the sea wall below the graveyard had yet again been subjected to severe weathering and erosion. Landslip and wave attack have resulted in the collapse of part of the wall and large hollows now being completely exposed to the elements. The corner of the sea wall at the foot of the slipway has also collapsed. If the slippage and erosion continue, which is very likely as there are still several months of winter weather and high spring tides ahead of us, there is a serious risk of the path outside the church wall disappearing into the sea, followed by the graveyard wall and the nearby graves.

The area of land at risk is owned by the Stornoway Trust. They are being very supportive and the Urras is working closely with them to try to identify the very significant funding necessary to provide a similar level of protection to that further along the shore, below the Aignish Cemetery.

Recent Storm Damage 2016Recent Storm Damage 2016


Recent Storm Damage 2016Recent Storm Damage 2016


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