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Colin Scott Mackenzie

St Colunba's Ui Church
- otherwise -
Eaglais na h~Aoidhe.
An historical perspective
Author; Colin Scott Mackenzie



Ui Church BookThe ancient walls of Eaglais na h-Aoidhe, the church on the isthmus - otherwise St Columba's, Ui - sit at the very gateway to the energetic and populous district of Point - otherwise "An Rudha" - in Lewis.

They represent one of the oldest religious foundations on the island and one which was at one time the wealthiest in all the Hebrides. What we see now dates from the 14th century or maybe earlier but it is said to have been sited where one of the saints of the early Celtic church had his cell which could take us back to the 6th century.

The Church has seen many changes come and go.  The author has attempted to bring together all known facts as may impinge directly on Ui - coupled with a little bit of what he hopes is reasonable speculation both for the future as well as for the past.  Anyone interested in the history of Lewis in general or Ui in particular should find something here to be intrigued by.

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book thumbSt Columba's Ui Church
- otherwise -
Eaglais na h~Aoidhe.
An historical perspective

Colin Scott Mackenzie

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